Dear Bloggers!

Thank you for your Interest in blogging our Items.

Due to negative Experiences/ abuse in the Past we decided that you and your Blog have to meet some Requirements to be able to receive free review Copies and become a Member of our exclusive invite only Group.


  •  Your Avatar (The Avatar that will receive the review Copies and that the Blog belongs to) should be at least 365 Days old.
  •  Your Blog shouldn't be to new, have at least 100 blog Entries and you should be able to blog about new Releases of Stores across the Grid at least a few times a Month.
  • If you are a Creator/ Store owner yourself, we are sorry but we can´t accept you as one of our Bloggers, as we made really bad Experiences regarding this. 
  • Your Blog should be syndicated on at least 2 of the big Feed Sites such as for Example:






  •  We put hight Priority on the Quality of your Pictures. Therefore the Pictures in your blog should be taken in a high Resolution to avoid them from looking pixely or blurry. Clear Images are nice to look at and put the best Light on your Avatar and the Items you want to show in your Blog.
  •  Your blog should be written in english or multilingual so everyone will be able to read it.

Other important Infos:

We fully understand that sometimes not all of our Items exactly match your Taste and therefore we wont pressure you to blog everything we send. But if we notice that there aren't any Blog Posts over a longer Space that show our Item/s, we will contact you and remove you from our Group and Blogroll if necessary.

You will need one free Group slot so we can add you to our premium Group, over which you will receive new Releases, Gifts and Infos.This makes it easier for us to keep in touch with you and easier for you to recover new Releases that sometimes don't arrive to you in Second Life, from past Notices.

Please don´t send us Notecards with Links to your Blog Posts to inform us that you blogged our Items. 
We subscribe to all of your Bloggers via RSS Feed and so your latest Posts are send to us automatically.


If you are sure you meet all of the Requirements listed above, please click HERE to fill the Blogger Application Form. If you are accepted, you will hear back from us in the next Days. Please be patient and try to avoid double Applications.
Applications from Bloggers that don´t meet our Requirements will be ignored. Thank you for understanding!

Have a good Day and take Care!

Lynaja Bade & Daizy Dumpling


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