Failed Inworld Transactions & missing Items

Please send an IM to Lynaja Bade within 14 Days of Purchase, describe your Problem and IMPORTANT!: For Inworld Purchases, please include the ID Prefix of the Transaction AND the Date of Purchase.
You can find the ID Prefix in your Transaction History after logging into your Account on the Second Life Homepage.
We will then get back to you as soon as possible. Please understand that we are Humans with a Life outside of SL too, so we really appreciate your Patience.  

Failed Marketplace Transactions & missing Items

If you are sure the Item you purchased on Marketplace isn’t still on Queue and that we already have been paid, please send an IM to Lynaja Bade and let us know the Date of your Purchase.
We will then get back to you as soon as possible. Please be patient.
You can find out if your Purchase is on Queue by logging into Marketplace. From the “My Marketplace” drop-down Menu select “My Account”.
After the Page has been loaded select “Order History” and find the Item you purchased from us in the List. Read the Text underneath the Order carefully.

Double Purchase & accidental Purchase

If you purchased the exact same Item more then once, please send us your ID Prefix AND the Date of Purchase from your Transaction History via IM and we will refund you.
Marketplace double Purchases will be refunded less 5 % due to the Marketplace Merchant Commission Linden Lab retains.

"Accidental" purchases can´t and won´t be refunded.  
Please be aware of that its your own Responsibility to purchase Items in Second Life carefully.
Don´t click “Buy” if you aren’t 100% sure you wan´t to buy the Items.
All of our Items are “no transfer” and therefore we won´t refund, as you can´t send the Items back to us. This happens to avoid Abuse. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!


All our Items are “no transfer”. We are sorry, but we won´t change these Permissions.No Exceptions.


Please follow this Link if you are a Blogger and interested in blogging our Items.

Hunts, Fashion Shows, Events and Charity

We like Hunts if its a free Hunt. Which means, the Hunt Price will be available for 0L to the Hunters and there won´t be any additional costs for the Hunters and for us. Please contact us and provide the Hunt Poster plus additional Informations.

We are not interested in any kind of Fashion Shows/ Events.
We are not interested in Charity Events unless they are for Animals.

Rental Space Offer

If you have Space for rent at your Mall or similar we are only interested if you are willing to let us use Split Script Commission. We use our own Script for that to prevent Abuse.
We are not interested in Rental Offers that require to pay Rent directly.

Advertising Space

We are not interested in paid advertising Space on Web Sites, Blogs or in Magazines.

Custom work

We are sorry but we can´t do any custom Work due to Lack of Time.